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Hi! My name's Tom, and I'm an idiot!

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So, I'm cross-posting this entry from my own LJ here at the suggestion of angelina_zooma.

My thumb and middle finger on my left hand both have huge blistering second degre burns on them.

I like to have meat in pasta sauce... more meat than sauce, usually, so while making dinner I decided to brown some meat, and re-freeze it for later use (something I do sometimes).

I actually succeeded in this task, and surprisingly, my smoke alarm did not go off.

I neglected to wait for the meat to cool before attempting to bag it. The meat melted the bottom of the bag, and in so doing landed all over my stove.

I start to clean it up, cursing and swearing. I grabbed the metal thingy atop the burner to clean under it. Yes, despite the burner being off, it was still HOT. No, I didn't use a potholder.

Yeah. I had to soak my hand in cool water (per my first aid and CPR textbook -- SO GLAD I TOOK THAT CLASS -- you're not sposta use ice) for about a half hour before it stopped hurting. And my middle finger is still throbbing, though no longer screaming in pain.

Yes, I'm an idiot. People wonder why I hate to cook. THIS is why. Well, that and I can have been known to ruin cereal. I'm too much of a damn clutz to cook much of anything successfully.
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